Legs Up The Wall

Legs Up The WallI have suffered from stress induced anxiety for years. Between health concerns and the unexpected issues that arise can be overwhelming at times and open that door to stressville city. Who hasn’t experienced stress? Please give me their name, I would love to know their secret.

Anyways, I turned to yoga and was amazed how wonderful and calm I felt walking out of class and for the rest of the day. I now teach yoga to children to help them learn ways to relax and find calmness in their world.

I have to say, my anxiety levels have gone down thanks to such yoga poses.

I am so happy to share with you a pose that I do in my adult yoga classes, as well as with my children yoga classes because it is so incredibly beneficial to everyone. So, if you ever experience stress in your life, you must put 5 minutes aside today and give this a try.

Oh, and if you are the .01% that does not have any stress in your life (GO YOU), here is a list of reasons I compiled as to why you should still give this pose a try 🙂

Legs Up The Wall

Yes, this is the easy name also known as Viparita Karani (Vip-par-ee-tah  car-AHN-ee). Viparita means turned around, reversed, inverted and Karani means doing, making, action.

Now that you know the technical name and meaning, you need to know what this pose can do for you.

Benefits Of Legs Up The Wall

  • Reverse blood flow to vital organs, ovaries, and bladder
  • Takes pressure off of the heart
  • Slows heart rate downLegs Up The Wall
  • Aids in digestion
  • Releases stress, tension and anxiety
  • Relieves swollen ankles and legs
  • Helps with varicose veins
  • Helps with sleep
  • Headache reducer
  • Aids in respiratory ailments
  • Gets all of your adrenal glands pumping
  • Helps relieve urinary disorders
  • Helps with both high and low blood pressure
  • Gives a lymphatic boost
  • Good for menopause
  • Alleviates menstrual cramps
  • Stretches back of neck, legs and front torso
  • Relieves symptoms of mild depression
  • Regrounds you
  • Leaves you feeling calm and relaxed

How To Master “Legs Up The Wall”

*Sit down facing the wall. Feel free to place blankets on either side of your bottom for added support.

*Lay on your back and place your feet on the wall, stretching upwards.

*Find your comfy spot. This means scootching your bottom forward or backwards, closer or farther away from the wall. You can place a pillow under your back if you are experiencing any back pains.

*Make sure there is no strain or pressure on your hamstrings.

*Rest your arms by your side – palms up

*Gently breathe in through your nose and out through either your nose or mouth (which ever is more relaxing to you).

Just So You Know

This is an easy enough pose for pretty much all age levels and abilities. This pose should never hurt or put any strain on any muscles or cause pain or discomfort of any kind.

As with most inversions, legs up the wall should be done with caution, especially if you have a serious eye issue such as glaucoma.

If you experience a tingly feeling in your feet or legs, simply Legs Up The Wallbend your knees touching the soles of your feet together and slide your feet down the wall allowing your heels to rest close to your pelvis. This should alleviate the tingling sensation.

You can also give your legs a rest if you need to by bending slightly at the Legs Up The Wallknee.

Remember, it only takes 5 minutes a day to gain all of these amazing benefits. My kids and I like to lay on a bed with our legs up the wall together while we relax before it is time to fall asleep. They honestly look forward to it….as do I.

Give it a go….5 minutes a day for a solid week and see how you feel. Of course you can lay there much longer if you would like. I can’t wait to hear how wonderful you feel afterwards!!!

Be Happy, Stay Healthy,

Rachel Grace

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My Love For Coconut Oil

My Love For Coconut OilI discovered my love for coconut oil a few years ago when I was told that it could help with my digestive tract. It has been found that coconut oil puts less pressure on the digestive system and pancreas than other fats. Coconut oil is also known to be an anti-inflammatory oil.

After going to numerous doctors and trying countless medications I had had enough. I was all for trying something that was completely natural. I did lots of research and talked to lots of professionals (of all kinds) regarding natural remedies for health and figured, what do I have to loose?! After all, coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibacterial.

 Years Later

Fast forward to years later…I not only use organic, extra virgin, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil for my “tummy troubles” (which has helped heal my digestive tract) but for my hair, teeth and part of my daily beauty routine as well.

Coconut Oil Daily

Here is how I use my coconut oil on a daily basis: First thing in the morning (before eating anything) I oil pull for 20 minutes. You want to do this on an empty stomach so you don’t feel nauseous. Oil pulling is wonderful for you, your teeth and your gums! I then have my coffee for the day with 1 tbsp of coconut oil in it. I make my kids eggs in the morning with coconut oil. As a matter of fact, I use coconut oil instead of butter to cook the majority of our meals. You can melt coconut oil in place of butter and pour on your popcorn for a healthier option.

Coconut Oil For Beauty

As far as using coconut oil in my beauty routine, I wash my My Love For Coconut Oilface in the evening with coconut oil. It is amazing at getting off pesky mascara (just be careful not to get it in your eyes). It can cause your eyesight to be a bit blurry if you are not careful. I mix coconut oil with sugar and it becomes my face and body exfoliator. My skin feels extremely smooth and soft afterwards. It is able to get flaky, dry skin off of my lips too! I also make my own whipped body butter and coconut oil is a main ingredient in that!

Coconut Oil Uses Continued

When my children complain of itchy skin, I rub a little bit of coconut oil on the dry patches to relieve their discomfort. When my hair feels extra dry, I use my coconut oil as a hair mask. FYI, it may take a few washes to get it all out so I put more of the oil on the ends of my hair then the roots to cut down on unnecessary greasiness.
So, not only does my digestive tract thank me for giving coconut oil a try but so does my teeth, hair and skin. I have no idea how I ever lived without coconut oil. It is a definite staple in our house from here on out!
How do you use your coconut oil?
Rachel Grace
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Benefits Of Fresh Garlic

Benefits of fresh garlicI know garlic is not typically a saught after food because it has a very destinctive taste (which I happen to love). It can also leave you with an after taste that may not be the most desireable on date night…just giving you a heads up. However, it has so many healing properties in it. 3 cloves of garlic have the same antibacterial activity as a standard dose of penicillin.” – Joe Robinson That is just one amazing quality of garlic.

Benefits of Fresh Garlic

I am going to dive right in and tell you why you should consume  fresh garlic on a daily basis.

  • Heart health
  • Boosts immune system
  • Cold and flu reducer
  • Aids in digestion
  • Cancer prevention
  • Improves circulation
  • Anti-fungal
  • Reduce heart attacks and strokes
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Breaks down blood clotsBenefits of fresh garlic
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Blood pressure management
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Helps with respiratory problems
  • Reduces fat in the liver
  • Antioxidant
  • Raises energy levels
  • Good for diabetes
  • Helps relieve allergies
  • Helps with chronic bronchitis
  • Rids of yeast infections
  • Eliminate parasites
  • Strengthens joints

Phew! Need I say more on why you should eat this daily!?

How To Consume Garlic

Of course you can cook wth it but I like to crush it up and add it to a glass of warm water. You know, like a garlic tea. Yes, I actually do like this. Give it a try…you might just like it too! It has proven to be more beneficial to eat the cloves raw because there are more health benefits than eating it cooked. Allicin is the powerful factor of garlic we need for the magic to happen. Once you crush or cut the garlic, let it sit in the air for a bit before consuming to make sure you get the full benefits.

Start today. Eat a garlic clove a day! Stay healthy, be happy 🙂

Rachel Grace



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Strategic Planning For Success

Strategic Planning For Success

We all have this vision of how we want our succes to play out. Success to you may have a completely different meaning of what success means to me.  Some view success as how much money one makes or how far one may travel. To others, success is having lots of love in their life and good health. No matter what success means to you, one thing we can all do is learn strategic planning for success. This will ensure that your goals for success are met…and then some.

Set Goals

I think it’s fair to say that it is kind of hard to accomplish goals if you don’t sit down and actually make them. So get out paper and a pen and write down your goals. No matter how small they may be at first. It is important to start somewhere. You can always add on or change your goals as you go along. Get started with making 3 goals for yourself.

For example:

Where do I see myself 6 months from now?

Where do I see myself 1 year from now?

Where do I see myself 3 years from now?

(Feel free to set your own timeline, just be realistic. My advice is to not pick a time frame too far away from today just yet. Strategic planning for successThis will make it more obtainable to achieve.)

Okay, now that you “can see yourself” where you hope to be in the near future, lets figure out how you are planning on getting there. What steps are you planning on taking to get where you want to be.

List 5 steps I need to take to move closer to my goal.

List what is slowing me down or in my way from going after my goal and keeping me from moving forward.

List how I am going to get over these obstacles.

Trust me, when you write down exactly what your plans are, you are way more likely to accomplish them!

Plan Your Day The Night Before

Now lets take it a day at a time. At night, before you settle down for the evening, make a list of the most important tasks you must accomplish the next day. When you wake up in the morning you now will have direction of how to go about your day. Make sure to tackle something that will bring you a step closer to your goal.

An example: If better health is a goal, make it a point that every time you are about to say in your head “I feel like I am geeting weak” change your thought process to “I am strong and healthy”. Make it a goal to train your brain. Down the road, this will be second nature to you. It has been said that, your thoughts dictate your state of well being. Keep saying to yourself, “I am healthy.”

Another example: If your goal is to write a book, make it a point to put aside 1 hour every day and dedicate it to brainstorming or writing. Before you know it you have the ruff draft of a book. This will help you see it more realistically by taking smaller steps at a time.

First Things First

You know the things that you must do but don’t neccessarily want to do? Do that first! Get it out of the way. There, now you can move on with your day without that “weight” sitting on your shoulders.

Don’t get stuck in the social media rut. Save all “entertaining” things you do on your phone until you knock off at least 2 things on your daily to do list. Trust me, you will thank me for this advice. If you don’t find ways to procastinate, you will achieve your goals that much quicker.

Stay Focused

Stay organized. Less clutter, less stress!

Block out distractions.

Learn to say no to things that will delay your progress.

Strategic planning for successThink Positive!

Reward yourself. At the end of the week do something for you. Maybe your end of the week reward will become your Monday morning incentive to kick butt and accomplish your goals 🙂

Reevvaluate At the end of every month take a look at your goals sheet to make sure you are still on track. You may want to tweek it and that’s okay. Just keep moving forward.

I think you are ready! Go out there and get your well deserved success!


Rachel Grace



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What Can Apple Cider Vinegar Do For You?

What can Apple Cider Vinegar Do For You?If you are anything like me, you like to look for a natural alternative for your health ailments instead of running immediately out to the drug store. So naturally, after much research (and before you jump in the car and race to your nearest pharacist) I think it is important for you to know exactly what apple cider vinegar can do for you…your health, your hair and your home.

How To Consume Apple Cider Vinegar

First of all, make sure not to consume too much as too much of anything is not a good thing and could do more harm than good. That being said, most pleople prefer to dilute 1-2 teaspoons to 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water per day. No more then 2 tablespoons (30 ml) per day.  And as always, it would be smart to check with your doctor to make sure apple cider vinegar is safe for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help:

Digestive Troubles – drinking the mixture of ACV with water can calm an upset stomach becaue it has antibiotic-like properties.

Maintain Healthy Alkaline pH levels – The body wants to have an even state of equilibrium and the ACV has the ability to do just that. This will not only raise your energy, it will also lower your chance of infections.

Soothe a Sore Throat – Mix 1/4 cup of ACV with 1/4 cup of warm water and do not drink but gargle once every hour until your throat feels better.

Stimulate Cardiovascular Circulation, Detox the Liver and Get Rid of Candida – Simply drink the mixture of 1-2 teaspoons of ACV with water daily.

Prevent Indigestion – About half an hour before you eat What Can Apple Cider Vinegar Do For You?spicy foods add 1 tsp of ACV and 1 tsp of honey to 1 cup of warm water.

Reduce Heartburn You Currently Have – So you ate something that did not agree with you and now your insides feel like thy are on fire? Take 1 tsp of ACV followed by 1 cup of water.

Relieve Allergies – Mix 1 tsp of ACV and 1 cup of water and drink. Your sinuses, mucus, stuffy nose and headache will feel better in no time.

Helps With Weight Loss – This acidic drink will suppress your appetite, help lower water retention and increase metabolism which in turn reduces calories and you lose weight!

Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Hair

Goodbye dandruff, hello shine!

No More Dandruff – Grab that spray bottle and add 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of ACV shake and spray on scalp. Put your hair in a shower cap or wrap it up in a towel and let it stay there for about 20 minutes, then wash your hair with your regular shampoo. For best results, continue to do this 2 times a week.

Boost Hair’s Body and Shine – Mix 1/2 tbsp of ACV and 1 cup of cold water in an empty bottle and rinse into hair after you are done shampooing. Feel free to do this 4 times a week for beautiful, bouncy, shining hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Home

Mixing 1/2 cup of ACV with 1 cup of water is an all-natural alternative to clean bathroom and kitchen surfaces, glasses, windows, mirrors, microwaves and even toilets. You can also put it in your air humidifier to purify the air in your home.

So there you have it….the many benefits of Apple cider vinegar.

My personal favorite ACV that has proven to work time and time again is Bragg Organic Raw-Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar it contains the amazing ‘mother’ after all (protein enzyme molecules)…you can purchase it HERE!

How are you going to use your Apple Cider Vinegar?

Rachel Grace





*Ebay is my affiliate and if you wish to make your purchase through my link, I may be compensated a small amount at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!


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