Natural Cures With Honey And Cinnamon

Natural cures with honey and cinnamon

As you probably know by now, I am so passionate about turning to nature first when it comes to improving my health. That’s why honey and cinnamon is a definate go-to for my family when we feel a number of health ailments coming on.

First of all, the honey you use should be pure, organichoney and local. This is the honey that will be most effective in improving your allergies and overall health. You can find local honey at a farmers market near you or your local co-op.

As for the cinnamon, it is best to consume “true” cinnamon, aka Ceylon cinnamon. This is completely natural, non-toxic cinnamon from cinnamomum verum, “true cinnmon tree”.

honey cinnamon waterHoney Cinnamon Water

  • 1 Tbsp local, organic honey
  • 1 Tsp Ceylon cinnamon
  • 1 Cup filtered warm water
  1. Add your cinnamon to the bottom of your tea cup
  2. Boil water
  3. Pour boiled water over the cinnamon
  4. Stir until fully mixed in
  5. Steep for 15 minutes
  6. Add honey to the cooled down water (do not heat the honey because it kills and destroys the very enzymes that balance the vitamins and minerals of the honey that benefit you)
  7. Stir
  8. Drink!

Okay, let me tell you the powerful benefits of honey and cinnamon and the natural cures it will provide you with now that you know how to make this magic drink (you can also mix the two and eat it right off the spoon)!

Common Cold – Add a dash of black pepper to your honey cinnamon water and drink 1 to 3 cups a day to clear your sinuses and cure your cold.

Arthritis – Drink your honey cinnamon water on an empty stomach 2x a day (perferably one in the am and one in the pm) to ease joint pain in the hands, knees and elbows.

Digestive Issues – Have a cup of honey cinnamon water every morning on an empty stomach to soothe your digestive tractbladder, eliminate ulcers and reduce bloating as well as the acidity in your stomach. Honey and cinnamon have the ability to protect your stomach wall by coating it. This drink cleanses the colon and heals infections by eliminating toxins and promoting good bacteria which means better digestion and less symptoms of bloating, gas and acid reflux.

Strengthen The Immune System – Being that honey and cinnamon have many vitamins and minerals such as iron, it is able to strengthen your white blood cell count and fight off infections in your body.

Lowers Choesterol – Drinking honey cinnamon water on a regular basis, at least 2 times a day, can reduce your cholesterol level in the body by more than 20%.

weight lossFor Weightloss – Drink one cup daily before breakfast and one cup before bed on a regular basis. By doing this you will stop the fat from accumulating in your body. (make sure you drink this on an empty stomach to aid in weight loss).

Good For The Heart – The powerful combination of honey and cinnamon will aid in clearing clogged arteries. It is so important to keep your heart healthy!

Bladder Infections/Bacterial Cystitis – The healing properties of honey and cinnamon together work to clean the bladder of infections. Use 2 tbsp of cinnamon and 1 tsp of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. This will destroy germs in the blatter.

More Powers Of Honey And Cinnamon

This powerful mixture can also:cinnamon stick

  • Cure allergies
  • Is a gingivits remedy
  • Eliminate bad breath
  • Give you a boost of energy
  • Help fight off UTI’s
  • Enhance memory and mental alertness
  • Ward off diabetes
  • Clear up acne and skin infections because of its antimicrobial capacity

Some people claim the mixture of 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tsp of cinnamon for one month 3 times a day have reduced the risk and treated breast, colon, stomach and bone cancer partly because it has the power of eliminating free radicals.

Honey Cinnamon Paste

  • 1 Tsp of cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp of honey
  • A spoon and small bowl

Add all ingredients into your bowl and mix until it is a paste like consistancy (if it is too thick you can add water or extra virgin olive oil).

What To Do With Honey Cinnamon Paste

For Your Skin – Apply your mixture of honey and cinnamon to infected areas of the skin like eczema or pimples and leave on overnight. Wash off with warm water in the morning.

Maintain Healthy Gums – Smooth the paste over your teeth and gumsgums regularly to avoid tooth decay. Its anti-microbial properties will help keep gums healthy.

For Toothaches – Apply your honey cinnamon paste directly on the sore tooth. You can do this up to 3 times a day.

So now you see how the combination of honey and cinnamon work like medicine for many diseases. Have any more tips on honey and cinnamon? Share them with the rest of us in your comments below. Be happy, stay healthy!

Rachel Grace



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  1. Sam says:

    Wow…I guess all the times my mother mentioned cinamon and honey to me wasn’t just an old myth, this is very cool information, I will for sure be following your tips on here. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Roger says:


    What a great list of health aids!

    I never knew you shouldn’t get honey too hot or it destroys it’s goodness.

    My wife works with a woman whose family are beekeepers, so we are able to get organic honey that is VERY local (right here in our town!). Plus it’s delicious! (I love eating honey right off the spoon!)

    I’ll have to be sure and get the right type of cinnamon at our health food store. There’s just so many great uses!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Jon says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I knew honey and cinnamon had great benefits to improve our health, but I didn’t know they both had that many advantages. I try to eat healthy as much as possible and like both foods. I plan on using them more now in the ways you suggested. Thanks for providing this insightful information!

  4. Pete says:

    Excellent information about honey and cinnamon. I’ve always heard of the health benefits of the two, and I definitely know that there are many benefits of eating organic and locally grown as well. Living here in North Carolina, I am just about positive that I could find some good stuff at some of the local farmer’s markets around here. I had never heard about doing a paste out of honey and cinnamon. I usually do an oil pull with some organic EV coconut oil, but I may have to incorporate it with my regular routine. Thanks for the great info!

    • Rachel Grace says:

      Hey Pete! Thank you for writing to me. I actully have a post on oil pulling. I do it every morning just before my cup of honey and cinnamon water. I am sure you will love adding honey cinnamon water to your regular routine.

  5. Amber says:

    Thank you the useful tips! I don’t like honey, but I once added it to tea and didn’t mind the taste. I also found a cure for a sore throat. Once my boyfriend had a sore throat and I made mint tea with honey, cinnamon, and vinegar. It sounds gross, but within about 6 hours his sore throat had gone away. He also said it didn’t taste that bad. I found it very useful that honey can help with UTI’s. I know they are common with a lot of tea. I just recently had my first one and wouldn’t like one again. Maybe I should drink more tea with honey and cinnamon! 🙂

    • Rachel Grace says:

      Hi Amber! Thank you so much for sharing your sore throat tea recipe! I love learning new home remedies. I will definately write that one down for the next time a loved one or I have a sore throat. Honey with cinnamon should ward off any future UTI’s. Stay healthy 🙂

  6. Matt says:

    I knew that honey was magically but I never knew about cinnamon. Some very interesting uses of honey and cinnamon here! i would have to try that honey-cinnamon water. Sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing Rachel.

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