Strategic Planning For Success

Strategic Planning For Success

We all have this vision of how we want our succes to play out. Success to you may have a completely different meaning of what success means to me.  Some view success as how much money one makes or how far one may travel. To others, success is having lots of love in their life and good health. No matter what success means to you, one thing we can all do is learn strategic planning for success. This will ensure that your goals for success are met…and then some.

Set Goals

I think it’s fair to say that it is kind of hard to accomplish goals if you don’t sit down and actually make them. So get out paper and a pen and write down your goals. No matter how small they may be at first. It is important to start somewhere. You can always add on or change your goals as you go along. Get started with making 3 goals for yourself.

For example:

Where do I see myself 6 months from now?

Where do I see myself 1 year from now?

Where do I see myself 3 years from now?

(Feel free to set your own timeline, just be realistic. My advice is to not pick a time frame too far away from today just yet. Strategic planning for successThis will make it more obtainable to achieve.)

Okay, now that you “can see yourself” where you hope to be in the near future, lets figure out how you are planning on getting there. What steps are you planning on taking to get where you want to be.

List 5 steps I need to take to move closer to my goal.

List what is slowing me down or in my way from going after my goal and keeping me from moving forward.

List how I am going to get over these obstacles.

Trust me, when you write down exactly what your plans are, you are way more likely to accomplish them!

Plan Your Day The Night Before

Now lets take it a day at a time. At night, before you settle down for the evening, make a list of the most important tasks you must accomplish the next day. When you wake up in the morning you now will have direction of how to go about your day. Make sure to tackle something that will bring you a step closer to your goal.

An example: If better health is a goal, make it a point that every time you are about to say in your head “I feel like I am geeting weak” change your thought process to “I am strong and healthy”. Make it a goal to train your brain. Down the road, this will be second nature to you. It has been said that, your thoughts dictate your state of well being. Keep saying to yourself, “I am healthy.”

Another example: If your goal is to write a book, make it a point to put aside 1 hour every day and dedicate it to brainstorming or writing. Before you know it you have the ruff draft of a book. This will help you see it more realistically by taking smaller steps at a time.

First Things First

You know the things that you must do but don’t neccessarily want to do? Do that first! Get it out of the way. There, now you can move on with your day without that “weight” sitting on your shoulders.

Don’t get stuck in the social media rut. Save all “entertaining” things you do on your phone until you knock off at least 2 things on your daily to do list. Trust me, you will thank me for this advice. If you don’t find ways to procastinate, you will achieve your goals that much quicker.

Stay Focused

Stay organized. Less clutter, less stress!

Block out distractions.

Learn to say no to things that will delay your progress.

Strategic planning for successThink Positive!

Reward yourself. At the end of the week do something for you. Maybe your end of the week reward will become your Monday morning incentive to kick butt and accomplish your goals 🙂

Reevvaluate At the end of every month take a look at your goals sheet to make sure you are still on track. You may want to tweek it and that’s okay. Just keep moving forward.

I think you are ready! Go out there and get your well deserved success!


Rachel Grace



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